The Coming Technology Tsunami: A Personal History of the Future

The Coming Technology Tsunami: A Personal History of the Future

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In the next ten years, a tidal wave of change will be like a tsunami sweeping all before it. It will be a disruptive time, but full of promise. What will it mean for you? How will your life change? How will the world change? What will happen to your job? Will a robot be your best friend? What will driverless cars be like for travel? Will you go on an excursion to the moon, or be a colonist on Mars? Millions of jobs will be lost. The oil industry will be decimated as electric cars and solar electricity generation impact the use of oil. Deliveries will be made by robots in driverless vans. Hundreds of satellites will be launched to provide global coverage of the internet and cell phones. The Smartphone will revolutionize education. We will launch our first colonization trip to Mars. The status quo will be utterly disrupted. No profession or activity will be unaffected. And it will all happen in the next ten years. Nothing will be the same. With the disruptions, will come new opportunities, new careers, and a golden age for the world. Dr. Martino, the inventor of the Smartphone, space and computer pioneer, presents a factually startling vision of the next decade, full of perils and promises. The Coming Technology Tsunami is his personal history of the future. This book can be your guide to capturing these changes for your benefit.

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